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Water-to-Water Heat Exchanger

FlowCool Unicus 1.3 kW to 150 kW

What is a water-to-water heat exchanger system ?

FlowCool Unicus

For many cooling applications (e.g. lasers, electron microscopes or x-ray generators, and countless more) the company’s in-house, central cooling water is too cold and/or of insufficient quality. The FlowCool Unicus provides the solution.
It employs a water-to-water heat exchanger system, i.e. a cooling system without an active refrigerating unit.

The application is cooled via its own water circuit (= application cooling circuit) while the dissipated process heat is transferred to the central cooling water supply (= in-house cooling circuit).
The FlowCool Unicus is a cooling system without active refrigeration. The process heat is transferred via a heat exchanger to the central cooling water supply (= in-house cooling circuit).
The application itself is cooled via its own water circuit (=application cooling circuit). This system offers controllable water quality and runs very quietly. For this reason it is popular in laboratories and other working areas.
The FlowCool Unicus can be usefully employed whenever the required or accep-table temperature for the application lies above the temperature of the central cooling water supply.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Correct and constant water temperature.
  • Constant water quality without dirt, lime, algae or rust.
  • Correct and constant water pressure.
  • Extremely quiet, hence suitable for use directly at the workplace.
  • Reliable even at elevated ambient temperatures.
  • No additional heat load at installation site.
  • Extremely low energy consumption compared with circulating chillers.

Schematic diagram water-to-water heat exchanger system

water-to-water heat exchanger system

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